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NYC's Legal Advocacy Partners

About The LEAP Coalition

In 2004, ten civil legal services providers in New York City came together to create LEAP. The purpose of the LEAP Coalition is to enhance the breadth and depth of services provided to

low-income clients throughout New York City.

Over the years, LEAP's membership has grown, and now includes established community-based legal services providers and city-wide public interest advocacy groups that receive funding from a variety of public and private sources. Today's 17 member organizations employ over 400 lawyers, advocates, organizers, and other staff members who provide critical assistance benefiting nearly 120,000 low-income individuals every year through innovative legal services delivery models.

By working together and coordinating their efforts, our members strive to ensure increased access to justice for the neediest New Yorkers.

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We work collaboratively to increase the availability of quality civil legal services for

low-income persons in New York City.
The LEAP Coalition specifically recognizes the need to maintain community-based service delivery. LEAP supports diversity and innovation in organizational models, delivery systems, and methodology.


LEAP values collaboration, collegiality, mutual respect, transparency, and group decision-making in its operations.

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What We Do

Lobbying & Advocacy: The LEAP Coalition undertakes activities to increase awareness of and funding for direct civil legal services at the city and state levels. 

Training: LEAP creates and maintains a regularly updated training schedule supported by staff from our member organizations. 

Technical Assistance: LEAP assists members with issues of organizational management such as fundraising, HR and IT, as well as issues related to delivery of legal services.


LEAP’s member agencies serve the civil legal service needs of low-income communities across NYC in the areas of:

  • Access to Health Care

  • Advance Directives

  • Adult Homes & Nursing Homes

  • Bankruptcy

  • Consumer Law

  • Disability & Aging Rights Law

  • Domestic Violence

  • Elder Law

  • Employment/Labor Law

  • Environmental Justice

  • Family Law

  • Government Benefits


  • Homelessness

  • Housing & Foreclosure Defense

  • Human Rights

  • Immigration

  • Mental Health

  • Public Assistance

  • Special Education

  • Tax Clinics

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