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Brooklyn Legal Services Corp A

Service Areas: City-wide

Service Area specification: City-wide, though representation of residential tenants is limited to Brooklyn

Brooklyn A provides high-quality legal services (full legal representation, brief advice/services, and legal education) to low-moderate income individuals, small businesses and not-for-profit community-based organizations (CBOs) in Brooklyn and throughout New York City.  For over fifty years we have devoted our legal services to advocacy that protects housing, strengthens families, provides access to education and health care, and safeguards subsistence income for our city’s most vulnerable residents.

Our Consumer & Economic Advocacy Program uses civil legal remedies, as well as non-legal advocacy to protect economic equity of low-and moderate-income families. We prevent foreclosures and defend against predatory lending. We resolve tax issues with the IRS for low-income taxpayers.  Our Community & Economic Development Program provides transactional legal counsel to nonprofits and small businesses that sustain and empower low-income communities.  We help small businesses on commercial lease matters.  Our Preserving Affordable Housing Program uses legal and advocacy strategies to preserve and protect affordable housing, prevent evictions, combat tenant harassment, and discrimination, and ensure that working families, individuals, older adults, and others live in stable environments and within their financial means. 

Service areas: Income eligible individuals, small businesses and not-for-profit community based organizations (CBOs) serving low- income communities residing in New York City (representation of residential tenants is limited to Brooklyn residents). 

Brooklyn Legal Services Corp A

Williamsburg Office is located at 260 Broadway, Suite 2, Brooklyn, NY 11211; Bed-Stuy Office is located at 1471 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY 11216


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